Thwip! Reviews – Action Comics #959

Cover by Clay Mann, Sonia Black and Dan Jurgens
Action Comics #959

This issue of Action Comics is written by Dan Jurgens, art by Tyler Kirkham, and cover by Clay Mann, Sonia Black and Dan Jurgens

The big thing about this new revamped and relaunched Action Comics is that there is this big central mystery to the story, which is Jurgens visiting his biggest hit, Death of Superman.  While the first two issues of this storyline had a sense of tension to it as we try to come to terms who are all the players, this issue fell flat.  The main problem is that the mystery is taking too long without any new revelations, or at least anything outstandingly new.  I could tell you the entire story and you would not have to worry about it being spoiled.

It’s time for Jurgens to step up and reveal something new.

Patrick Zircher has been replaced by Tyler Kirkham who brings a slightly different energy to the comics, bringing in a spiky and energetic mood to this fight-filled issue.  Zircher was good, but I feel that Kirkham picked up the reins quite admirably and made it his own, so for those of you who get annoyed by fill-in artists, this time you won’t be disappointed.

Despite the art being serviceable, the story has stagnated and my interest is waning.



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