Thwip! Reviews – Wonder Woman 02

Wonder Woman (2016-) 002-000
by Nicola Scott and Romulu Fajardo Jr.

With this issue of Wonder Woman we begin the other storyline of the series, her “Year One” (as the cover states).

Right off the bat, it is kind of nice to see Nicola Scott’s art, I don’t know why, but the softer lines on her characters makes the series feel gentle, emphasizing that this is before Diana enters the world of man.

I will admit that I loathe the moniker of “Year One” because it always invokes thoughts of Frank Miller’s work, I want to judge something on its own merits, not feel pressured into comparing it to another work!

Despite that issue, the story itself is very nice, delving into the origins of Diana before she is Wonder Woman, fleshing out who the Amazons are, the landscape of Paradise Island, and even giving some characterization to Steve Trevor, lots of work done so deftly that I was a little disappointed that I finished the issue a bit too quickly.  However, that is because of Rucka’s writing which is deft in how it pulls together everything and does efficient work in getting to the big points that we are all familiar with of Diana’s origin.  The only element of the story I didn’t like is that I have no idea why Steve and crew-mates were on the plane, since it is not really established if they were off to being deployed or a training mission (of if they were, it didn’t feel like it).

As I mentioned earlier, Scott’s work is great here, and am happy she is on Wonder Woman.  Everyone is visually distinct and I feel like they are real people thanks to her style.

A pretty solid issue, but went over some old, familiar ground.  Hoping next issue will have more meat to it and we begin the adventure!



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