Thiwp! Reviews – Nightwing Rebirth 01

Nightwing - Rebirth (2016) 001-000
Cover by Javier Fernandez and Chris Sotomayer

The other Rebirth issue to help establish the character’s status quo in this new(ish) universe…so what is Nightwing up to?

What has been good (to various degrees of success) is that these Rebirth issues are status quo establishers, which is good for those lapsed readers and new readers alike.  While this may be incongruous with the actual number 1 issue (like what happened with the Superman series) for the most part it has been working.

Thank goodness, because Dick Grayson has been having a hell of a time during his days of the New 52.  As a lapsed reader who had only a passing familiarity with what Grayson was up to during the last few months, this was a great recap of everything while putting forward what Nightwing is going to be all about.  Seeley does not spend too much time naval-gazing, instead giving just the right amount of information for us to go, “Alright then, I get it,” which is exactly what I am looking for in these Rebirth issues.

What is the great surprise is that superstar artist Yanick Paquette did the entire issue (I was afraid he was getting too big of a name to do these type of projects, thankfully it seems I am wrong).  Paired with his preferred colorist, Nathan Fairbairn, Paquette gives us the right tone for Nightwing (who I like to think of as “The Happy Batman”).  What is great about Paquette’s art is that it is distinctively BIG.  I feel everyone has a larger than life quality to them, which really works for such an over-the-top book and am glad that he was here for this issue.

If you haven’t been following Nightwing, you might lose a bit of all the nuances of the story, but otherwise the art and writing is top-notch.



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