Thwip! Reviews – The Flash #02

Karl Kerschel – cover

Carimine di Giandomenico – artist

Joshua Williamson – writer

The Flash 002-000

Joshua Williamson was given a daunting task of making The Flash the flagship character that he has meant to be and in this issue we get a good reason why he was picked for the task.  With Barry’s cop friend/partner August receiving speedster powers, we get an opportunity to see Barry in a different light – as a teacher.  The first few pages are of him teaching August and it is a great character moment. It is how Williamson handles these characters that makes the story come to life and really make this a worthwhile read.

The art of Carimine di Giandomenico is gorgeous, loose-lined and packed with speed and energy, he has a fantastic handle on how speed should be depicted on the page.  What I was especially pleased by was also how Giandomenico dealt with regular, more stationary figures, with them looking suitably “in place” and very non super-heroic (which is a good thing, they looked like people!).

Great art and great story building.



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