Thwip! Reviews – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #07

Summary The Agents are tasked to bring Tony Stark over his incursion into Attilan and kidnapping Ulysses.  But what side will Coulson and his team take, Team Stark or Team Cap?

Marc Guggenheim brings his steady hand to the Civil War II event, trying to put forth cogent arguments about which side Coulson and Team would be with.  Unfortunately, he misses the mark, or Coulson is a big fan of hypocritical irony with his decision.  The biggest problem is that this comic doesn’t make sense according to the timeline (I would say read this before Civil War II #03, since that is the next step of escalation in this event, while this issue is still dealing with what was happening in the previous).  Guggenheim tries but ultimately misses the mark in making the readers compelled to follow the event.

The art by German Peralta is reminiscent of David Aja’s, but without the verve and style associated with Aja.  It’s good and serviceable art, but he didn’t have any opportunities to shine or be memorable.



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