Thwip! Reviews – Civil War II #03

Summary:  The Avengers and the Ultimates confront Bruce Banner because of a vision by Ulysses that the Hulk is going to cause some major chaos.  But, thanks to the intervention of a certain someone the crisis is averted but it leads to a trial and THE discussion that should have taken place much much earlier.

The real highlight of this series/event has been Marquez’s (who is ably supported by Oliver Coipel).  There is one thing that did bother me about the art though is that the facial expressions were not interesting, they all seemed to have this somber look even when they were expressing other emotions (not that there were many emotions expressed beyond the three during this issue).  The art was good, but it was very under-utilized (I still love Marquez’s battle scene in the first issue of this series.

As for the writing…*sigh*.  The main problem is that you really cannot sell me on the premise – which is basically an argument that they should have taken sat down and discussed before…you know outright just going around confronting THE most dangerous force on Earth.  Instead they go to stress out an easily stressible Bruce Banner.  Then there’s the whole Hawkeye issue and his involvement with all of this also does not play well either mainly ’cause again WHY DONT’T THEY TALK TO EACH OTHER?

In the end, so severely disappointing, I am fairly sure I am reading this as punishment for something.




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