Thwip! Reviews – Civil War II – Amazing Spider-Man #02

Summary:  Last issue, Peter was mentoring Ulysses about being a hero with great power (and what those great responsibilities could be) when the precognitive Inhuman has a vision of one of Peter’s employees going back to his old bad ways.  Now, we see how Peter’s decisions in dealing with the vision (possibly) bites him in the ass.

A pretty decent Spidey comic, with decisions and dramas that one associates with Peter Parker and his costumed alter-ego.  I feel like this doesn’t really need to have the “Civil War” banner on it to make me pick this up, ’cause the story is a pretty good Spidey story.  At the end of all the hand-wrangling and decision tension, you are left with “oh crap, hope Peter’s got something up his sleeve to fix all this” – which is exactly how you should leave a Spider-man comic.

I am a big fan of Travel Foreman, but I always love it when he does action.  This is a decided un-actiony story and so his art, while still gorgeous, is kind of underutilized.  There is also this section where there is a flashback type moment behind Osborne’s head and it is done in this very bad 3D art-style which was quite disconcerting.  Basically what I am saying is get Foreman to work on the web-slinging and less of talking heads and you will have a beautiful comic



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