Thwip! Reviews – Uncanny Inhumans #11

Summary Last issue Tony Stark kidnapped the trouble-catalyst Ulysses from Attilan, angering Medusa and the entire Inhuman nation.  Now they are on the doorstep of Stark Tower and working on a way to get him back.

I really like the Inhumans for some reason, they have that angry, cool rebel feel that the old X-Men used to do (hmmm, that explains Marvel’s decisions as of late I guess).  The concept of the story was pretty good, showcasing how the Inhumans are so different from the Avengers/Ultimates and pretty much every other human super-team at the moment.  The writing is pretty serviceable…which I guess is damning with faint praise, but the thing is that there is nothing about this story that made me go “wow”, more like “huh, okay, on to issue #12”.

The biggest annoyance about the writing is that there is no indication as to how is narrating…first it seems like it is Medusa, then Karnak, and then maybe Trigon?  All the characters’ thoughts were so generically written that you don’t get a feel of the individuals that make up the Inhuman nation.

As for the art, maybe I have evolved in preference, but I remember when I used to enjoy Pacheco’s art.  Now I feel it is a bit too much Marvel house-style…again perfectly serviceable, but nothing to wow over.

6/10 (those narration boxes really annoyed me)


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