Thwip! Reviews – Aquaman #03

Summary  When we last left Aquaman, he was having to deal with his Atlantean embassy being destroyed thanks to Black Manta’s vendetta.  Now, Aquaman has to jump through political hoops to start a proper route of diplomacy.  Unfortunately, there are other forces at work that don’t want to make his life or job easier.

This issue really showcases Abnett’s veteran writing skills.  This is a highly political issue (though don’t worry, there is some action, but really the meat of this story is all about politics and diplomacy).  Thankfully Abnett manages to make it exciting and in the middle of it all I find myself rooting for Aquaman’s efforts.  It’s time to mend some fences people!   Like I said, Abnett manages to balance out the diplomacy with a good action sequence with Black Manta, though it feels any growth that he did in the previous issue is already out the window.

Philippe Briones’s art is solid and on-point.  It is sad that I don’t have the proper vocabulary to talk about consistent art is in its own right something to be lauded.  Not everyone can be a Bill Seinkiewicz, but that doesn’t make them all the poorer for it.  Briones takes everything thrown at him and deals with it admirably.



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