Thwip! Reviews – Batman #03

Summary  In this Bat-issue we learn of the origins of Gotham and Gotham Girl.  And Hugo Strange is out to escalate things even further. (If I said any more it would be a spoiler, trust me).

Tom King is taking his time in playing out the story of Gotham and Gotham Girl and what they mean to Batman.  What is really nice about this take on Batman is the odd optimism that is a part of his character, it is a really nice change from the doom and gloom that Batman has been associated with for a long time now.  Some may feel that King’s writing may be a bit too slow, a bit too deliberate of a parallel to Bruce’s own story, but I feel that it is necessary to provide a “new” DC universe while still playing with the familiar.  So kudos to you Mr. King.

Then we have David Finch, who is really doing a great job.  Instead of doing his scratchy, old-school Image style that I have come to associate him with, he is working towards BIG and GRAND, which works really well with King’s Batman.  While Detective Comics is going with a nice dark mystery, the Batman series is going full-tilt towards the “super” aspect of Batman being a superhero.

Lots to love, a bit to nitpick, all in all, still enjoying it.



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