Thwip! Reviews – Green Lanterns #03

Summary The Red Lanterns are on Earth doing their whole thing with the Hell Tower and trying to bring about the Red Dawn.  It is up to Green Lantern rookies Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz to stop them.  They still got team work issues, and Baz is kind of an arrogant ass, but in a good way, while Jessica is still too neurotic to use her Ring properly yet.  Unfortunately any goodwill they have built  between themselves is kind of thrown out the window as they take on Atrocitus’s right hand woman, Bleez.

Despite my reservations about having a prophecy pushing forward the story, I am still liking the overall structure that Humphries is laying down for these characters.  He especially seems to have a good handle on Simon Baz and the issues surrounding his circumstances of being a Muslim in America (it isn’t an entire essay about it, but the one page where we deal with Baz’s family, is quite relevant and touching).  I kind of hope that we eventually get some proper time with Cruz, I want her to be interesting as well so that Baz has a good foil.  Except for their team dynamic though, the story itself of the Hell Tower and Rage and all that is not very interesting, feels like it is trying to be too high-stakes without any investment.

As for the art in this issue…well, you know there is going to be a problem when there are four artists listed contributing to the issue (multiple artists means that deadlines couldn’t be met and so collaborations had to happen, save for anthology issues which deliberately use multiple artists [but for multiple stories] the only comic in recent memory that seemed to work well with multiple artists was DC Rebirth #1) and it showed.  Different techniques all over the place that made for a very uneven visual experience as from one page to another did characters look off-key and were in various degrees of smoothness.  Very disappointed that this had to happen so soon.

Loved the characterizations, unfortunately it was surrounded by quite a bit of mediocrity.




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