Thwip! Reviews – Justice League #01

Summary  Earthquakes are happening all over the world and the Justice League are on it to save everyone!  Unfortunately, it looks like these earthquakes were made with an agenda and have a trick or two up its sleeve to deal with the heroes.

I have to give it up to Hitch, he does start off with a bang.  Even though he is known to be a very cinematic artist, he knows how to make his visuals into words too.  As this is the first issue, he takes his time to establish the Justice League members as they deal with the fallout of earthquakes happening all over the world.  And then he attempts to turn it on its head, a task which he does admirably, though it falls a bit flat.

Where Hitch falters, Tony Daniel picks up the ball and runs.  Every page is beautiful and epically grand to match the story that Hitch wants to do.  There is this one part however that I will say Daniel is not able to maintain his grand style, when Baz and Cruz fall into danger (literally fall).  What is wrong with the panels that Daniel draws is that it doesn’t feel like they are in any danger.  In fact it doesn’t feel like anything, more of a snag in the ointment rather than the two Green Lanterns possibly plummeting to their doom.

Otherwise, an oddly enjoyable issue.



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