Thwip! Reviews – Superman #03

Summary The Eradicator is back!  What does he want?  We find out in this issue and…well that last page panel will send shivers down your spine!

Now that Gleason has graduated to full time writing duties with Tomasi (which I am a little sad about, I love Gleason’s art, but…well, read my art review below and you will see what I think of Jimenez’ stuff).  I still can’t get a handle with this new impulsive Superman, something even Lois seems to have a hard time with as she outright questions his actions, so I guess Gleason and Tomasi have a plan for all of this.  What is great is seeing Superman more being the family man that we always imagined he was going to be.  He has conquered all sorts of challenges now, but how will he be as a dad?  He will be scared, he will be unsure, and his confrontation with the Eradicator is a perfect way to demonstrate all those feelings while at the same time showing off the comic book aspect of it all.

Now as for the at art by Jorge Jimenez…I love it.  It has a bit of Gleason’s influence, while also putting his own spin on things, bringing what looks to me as some computer-aided graphics which enhance the work rather than overwhelm it.  This is all really nicely supported by the bright reds and yellows of Alejandro Sanchez.  Normally I don’t talk about the colors because I am pretty unfit to do so, but they are so noticeable and mark the issue so distinctly that not talking about it would be a shame.  I am happy with this art team as they support this writing duo through the trials and tribulations of Superman and fatherhood.




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