Thwip! Reviews – The Hellblazer Rebirth #01

Summary John is in the shit again and now it is up to his superior asshole skills to pull himself out of the deep dark hole he has found himself in (and will allow him to get on with other mystical conjob shenanigans that I expect the rest of the series will begin).

Simon Oliver has a really fun take on Constantine, who I always fondly remember from his early Vertigo days of being a super hard-boiled asshat that I hated and hated, but rooted for.  Oliver, on the other hand, keeps it light, while maintaining that conniving streak that Constantine is known to have.  I am going to admit, many people will not be happy with this depiction, finding him too…poppy.  He definitely feels more like Bigby from Fables than the pus-filled boil of humanity that we are more familiar with.  This is a good done-in-one story that sets up who this new Constantine is, for better or for worse.

As for the art.  I loved Moritat’s art for the most part.  It’s mythical, fabulous, poppy, and all these other things I would never really associate with Constantine, but they work, it helps to sell the supernatural/fantasy element to everything that is Hellblazer.  Which is why when we see a quick appearance by Wonder Woman and Shazam (and Swamp Thing, but he is alright), things become derailed.  Mainly because Moritat cannot for the life of him (or her, don’t know much about the artist) draw Shazam or Wonder Woman and they look terrible (Swamp Thing looks fine).  The two and a half pages they are in become quite distracting and I just wanted to skip them and get back to the story.

Except for that misstep in art, I enjoyed it just fine, this ain’t your daddy’s Hellblazer though.



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