Thwip! Reviews – Civil War II #04

Summary Tony Stark talks…pretty much the entire issue and then there possibly may be a fight…or might not.

In this issue of Civil War II Brian Michael Bendis seems to be trying to work out why people (both reader and the actual comics character involved) should be emotionally invested in this apparent Civil War.  It’s terribly padded out to make it seem like a very big thing to think about and there are all these dramatic reveals which are not earned at all (or don’t play out at all).  This is a terrible story which is going on for four issues too long.

David Marquez is drawing the unholy junk out of it though, he is putting it on the line as if it is the last thing he will ever do, truly the only saving grace for this entire comic.

This story is becoming so pointless and pedantic that I give it a:


but thanks to Marquez, will just give this issue a



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