Thwip! Reviews – Batman #04

Summary: What did Hugo Strange and Psycho-Pirate do?  Well all the hope that Batman has had on the two new heroes seems to be falling through the cracks thanks to those two.

So far I have been loving King’s writing, it gives us a dark Batman but one who has some hope, some optimism.  The only thing I am going to really ding him about in this issue is that it is a bit too over-dramatic as it goes from plot point to plot point, especially the ending.  The melodrama does not seem to be a good fit with the story that King is crafting.  Otherwise, I am still excited for the next issue.

David Finch is still great and is one of the highlights of the series.  Really can’t say much more than daaaaaaaaaaaaang son! Haha

A little over-dramatic, but still a good read and a visual treat



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