Thwip! Reviews – Justice League #02

Summary:  More questions are asked, but do we get any answers?  No…not really…But!  Things do develop!

Hitch is taking his time to pace his story out, for the better or worse.  So far it seems that there is a plan and a giant mystery building up that will really need the entirety of the Justice League, especially…him!  I have to admit, my favorite part came in the end when we have Batman feeling distrustful towards Superman and having a pretty decent reason why.  So color me intrigued for the next issue!

Daniel’s art is as great as the previous issue, though this time he is given less dynamicism to do with his art.  To be fair, not everything can be flashy and action-y all the time, so going to have to take those moments where it’s all talking heads.  All in all, pretty happy with Daniel’s art.

Going strong, hope it picks up the story next issue and runs with it!



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