Thwip! Reviews – Suicide Squad Rebirth #01

Summary:  How do you deal with a group as crazy as Task Force X?  You give them a moral, incorruptible leader.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be so willing.  So what’s Amanda Waller to do?

So one more Rebirth issue to help set up the status quo…and it certainly delivers.  Unfortunately (and with all respect to Rob Williams), everything felt kind of flat.  This issue seemed like a throwback to the X-TREME BIZNEZ OF X-TERMINATION! (with extra “X”s) era of comics.  At least, that’s what happens when you meet the squad about three fourths into the story.  Before that you are treated to a wall of text boxes in each page that is supposed to be the setup as to why we shouldn’t have Task Force X, but we need them anyway.  Unfortunately, the argument rings hollow and we have faux-Bama giving into Waller without a fight and she didn’t even have a full argument.  When we do actually get to meeting up with Harley, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang, we don’t get much of their voice.  Harley isn’t weird and crazy enough, Deadshot isn’t cool and calculating and slightly loser-ish enough, and Captain Boomerang doesn’t even feel like the “a degenerate, a liar, and a pain in the ass.”  Story-wise, it just doesn’t play out and I don’t feel excited enough about reading about the Suicide Squad.

Art by Philip Tan is…serviceable.  I am not a big fan of the style, which looks to be a fusion of New 52 aesthetics and more X-TREMENESS! but that could just be me reading into it.  Tan is a good artist, but I feel like this was more of an issue he finished off quickly than putting forth his best effort.

Really nothing enticing about the story or the characters or the set-up, a bit too by-the-numbers and not done well even.


(also, the pink credits boxes are really really garish, not sure if I like it or not)


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