Thwip! Reviews – Superman #04

Summary:  Picking up from the confrontation of last issue, it seems that Jon’s descent into the dark side might be stalled for now, but that doesn’t mean that the Eradicator is down for the count!

This story goes full helter-skelter as Super-family try and take down the Eradicator.  There is a lot of hints at story development, but this issue is definitely a transition from one story point to another rather than having a complete story on its own.  For an old softie like me, there were some points that made me tear up, which makes me feel glad that this seems to be a Superman story that I am connecting with, something that rarely can one say when it comes to Superman.

As for the art, which continues its raucous act of being both horrifying and beautiful.  There are so many moments that made me pause and go, “wow, how is the kid going to deal with seeing a dismembered jaw talking?”  The art style really reminds me of off-shoot of the Mignolaverse, but with more color.  Not that that is bad mind you, but for some it might not be their cup of tea.

Except for the transitionary nature of the issue, I am definitely hooked on to this story.



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