Thwip! Reviews – Deathstroke Rebirth #01

Summary  Who is Deathstroke in this new Rebirth universe?  Christopher Priest lays out a bit of background, both ugly and beautiful, on the “Terminator.”

Christopher Priest takes some time to build who Slade Wilson is, both the man in the mask and under it as well.  I have to admit, am intrigued as to where Priest is going to go with Slade Wilson, since he shows us what a terrible father he was to his boys, as well as quite a morally ambiguous assassin…who secretly might have some ethics after all.  Priest really tries to toe the line in many ways, trying to stick to the comic book elements that make Deathstroke who he is while also trying to provide some reality to the series (both at a personal and a political level).  There are some hits and misses in his attempt, but as more of the story unfolds there are definitely germs of something great rustling about in these pages.

The art by  Carlo Pagulayan is pretty good, being mainly the DC house style, but with him trying to put his own spin on it at times.  I am looking forward to branching out and developing into something very stylish for this series.

Some ups and downs, but I still want to read the next issue, 3.5/5



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