Thwip! Reviews – All-Star Batman #01

Summary:  Things are afoot as Batman is taking Two-Face to an undisclosed location.  Unfortunately, Two-Face has put out a bounty on the Bat, so they are in for a bumpy ride!

Also, a backup story featuring the new kid, Duke! As the…yellow bat?  (We really need a name for him)

Scott Snyder pulls double duty putting together two stories for this first issue.  The main story, where Two-Face and Batman are on a road trip that is shades of Mad Max, Preacher, and quite a few ’80s movies, starts off at a raucous pace.  Unfortunately, as the story carries on, it feels a bit thin.  The problem is that there is a lot of talking and not enough showing.  Snyder posits that Two-Face is some mega-gangster that with just the right resources could control Gotham.  However, that’s never been the Two-Face we know.  The machinations that Snyder attributes to Two-Face seem more in line with the Penguin or even the Riddler, but Two-Face who had a strange sense of morality, what Snyder attaches to him doesn’t quite gel.

The end twist with Alfred seems interesting, though I have a feeling it will not amount to much.

John Romita Jr’s art is pretty much his standard, so for those of you who enjoy JRJR’s art, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  I found the new designs of Firefly, Killer Moth, and Black Spider incredibly generic and everything is saved by the psychadelic color choice of Dean White

The backup story is about Duke Thomas and his descent into the world of Batman.  There are some interesting elements at play here, though with it only being a few pages, time will tell where it is going.  Jordie Bellaire’s colors really compliment the story (which has a lot of color theory involved) as well as Declan Shalvey’s art (which I was not a great big fan of in this issue, I find he has done better).

I am definitely more interested in Duke’s journey, than the Batman/Two-Face one.

Currently, not too excited, so giving it a very tepid 2.5/5


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