Thwip! Reviews – Red Hood and the Outlaws #01

Summary  Now that Jason is back on the side of angels (grimy though they may be), what’s a former Robin to do in Gotham?  It seems that Black Mask just might have the answer.

I am going to admit, my snark factor went to 11 when I saw the words “techno-organic virus” – mainly because I had to check if this was the ’90s all over again and whether Cable was involved, sorry Lobdell, you should have gone with something slightly different, ’cause I am ragging on you about this.

Anyways. besides that throwback to earlier, X-Menier days, Lobdell crafts a pretty decent story, putting a good spin on a reformed Jason as he tries to fight crime his own way (it involves more guns and less batarangs).  While there is nothing outstandingly intriguing, I am looking forward to see how all the “Outlaws” are going to get together and how it will affect Gotham overall.

Dexter Soy’s art is magnificent.  Just simply amazing.  He has this nice aesthetic that allows for details to just pop out at the reader.

Soy’s art elevates a solid story into 4.5/5 territory.

Can’t wait for the next issue.


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