Thwip! Reviews – Superwoman #01

Summary  Hot on the heels of the events of Action Comics we get Superwoman.  And this Superwoman has got a lot of work cut out for her, but it’s a good thing she has friends.

Phil Jimenez pulls double duty for this issue and he really pulls out all stops.  Along with wonderfully vibrant art that just oozes cheer and joy as we move through this story, Jimenez plots a really intriguing first issue.  I came into this issue cold, but never once did I feel lost while reading this, namely because Jimenez takes the time to place everything where it needs to be and putting that exact right amount of exposition at the right places (some issues of this new Rebirth-verse have been really text heavy just to explain everything, making for distracting reading).

As for the story itself, I really liked the fact that Jimenez is trying to put some proper scientific thought behind some of the powers of Superman (and now Superwoman).  He also manages to infuse the main characters with their own unique voices, making them easily distinctive from each other.

What I am saying is that Phil Jimenez has brought it all on this issue and am glad for it, it was a great read and so pretty to look at, definitely my 5/5 of the week!


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