Thwip! Reviews – Batman #05

Summary:  Gotham is getting more and more unhinged and without a handy-dandy weakness like Kryptonite to take down this Superman-level threat, what’s a Bat to do?  Good thing Batman plays nice these days…

So Tom King’s Batman has finally wrapped up its first arc and it was a doozy.  What is most interesting about King’s wrap-up was what he chose to focus on.  As Batman goes through plan A through G to take down Gotham, we are treated more to Batman continuously trying to talk Gotham down from the dangerous precipice of madness.  King’s Batman is far more emotionally balanced than the hyper-prepared psychopath that readers have been used to for the past twenty years.

As the arc ends though, I feel King still can up his game, with this arc feeling a bit rough as he finds his voice for who he wants Batman to be, I am looking forward to King’s next step in his writing evolution.

David Finch’s art is still this gloriously solid beast of gorgeousness and with the colors by Jordie Bellaire, there is nothing bad to say about how this book looks.

Still a bit rough around the edges, but it has been great a read this time around. A very respectable 4.5/5


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