Thwip! Reviews – Superman #05

Summary:  Superman has strategically retreated to the moon.  But does he have a plan to deal with the Eradicator?  Actually…he does!

Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi’s story is really shaping up to be something phenomenal.  While we still have no idea how this older Superman will relate to the rest of the DC Universe, but we definitely how he is as a Super-family-man.  I am really loving how the pair has managed to craft a Superman that we can care for, but is not boring.  You can really see how the work that they did in New 52’s Batman and Robin series has laid the foundation to tell an even better story of Superman and his son.  This series is probably one of the best crafted series on the DC roster right now.

Veteran artist Doug Mahnke manages to not lose a step when filling in the shoes for Gleason, ably matching Gleason’s art style.  Thanks to Mahnke’s careful hand, the action being depicted on the page is beautifully rendered, bringing the emotion and the tension that is needed as someone as unrelenting as the Eradictor chases after them.

So much love for this series, I am hopeful for the next issue and story arc forthcoming – 5/5


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