Thwip! Reviews – Blue Beetle Rebirth #01

Summary:  It’s been a while since we had Ted Kord and Jaimie Reyes on the printed page and as far as Thwip! remembers, never together.  With Rebirth we have Ted Kord back from the dead and teaming up with the younger hero to try and make the streets safe.  However, their relationship isn’t as smooth as one would expect.

With story by Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins, there is a certain level of expectation is raised as soon as you start turning the page.  Immediately one of the first things you notice is that this has a very “Spider-man” vibe, which would have been a deterrent, but it is actually quite ably done.  Ted Kord has this infectious enthusiasm, while Reyes is the reluctant hero who wants a normal life, so he is a bit whiny, but not to an annoying degree.  As for the plot itself, the story is more focused on how Ted Kord and Reyes work together than developing a complicated plot, which is good, since we get to see how this new dynamic (which they pointedly say, they aren’t “Batman and Robin”…and they really aren’t) works in a hero dynamic.

Each of the characters, from the villains to Reyes civilian friends have a unique voice and makes them easily identifiable.  There is a bit of problem with panel layouts which sometimes makes the reading a little difficult, but not distractingly so.

The art by Scott Kolins has a great cartoon quality to it, making it inviting for a younger dynamic and makes you feel like, “yeah! teen-power!”  Kolins really works well with Giffen to help pair the unique voices with body language, making the characters seem dynamic and alive.

While it can be easily seen that this is DC chasing the Spider-man demographic, this is done so well that if the comic maintains this quality, it will definitely poach sales from Marvel – 4/5


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