Thwip! Reviews – Deathstroke #01

Summary:  Continuing off of the Rebirth issue, we have Deathstroke unfold his machinations in saving Wintergreen and all of the double/triple crossing he did to come out on top.

This issue of Deathstroke by Christopher Priest had me feeling slightly unsettled.  This is mainly because Priest tries to do a bit too much with the story, cramming in various time-lines to try and characterize Slade Wilson in a dynamic way.  The problem with that is the jumps flow together so it takes a moment to understand what is going on.  The other problem is that with everything compressed, it feels like a four-issue story was finished in two.

Carlo Pagulayan’s art is serviceable, close to what can be considered as “DC-house style.”  Nothing exceptional, he came in to do a job and he did it admirably.

After reading this issue, not looking forward to the next, might have bought in too much to the Christopher Priest-hype.  3/5


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