Thwip! Reviews – Detective Comics #939

Summary:  Batman and team have a few issues, especially Batwoman, who feels that she needs to remind Bats that he needs to rely on her.  Unfortunately, there is no time to sit around and hash out the family issues when Kate’s father is breathing down his neck and he still has one more misguided plan to enact.  How will the team react?

James Tynion IV is kicking the story into high-gear, balancing between interpersonal drama with action.  Tynion is able to really make the relationship between Kate Kane and Bruce Wayne really work, reestablishing their familial ties as well as how they need to/should work as crime-fighting partners.  Of the other members of the group, Tim Drake gets a bit of spotlight.  Unfortunately, Drake’s bit of the story is a bit clumsily handled with a classic ’80s action film trope all of a sudden dropped into the story (you will understand what I mean when you read the issue) and lessens the impact of the end of the issue – which is suitably badass.

I want to say that I love Eddy Barrows’s art, but I am having a problem with the stylistic choices that are being made.  The thing is that the art style does not maintain consistency, and instead Barrows uses different techniques for different interactions.  While normally that would have been a welcome affectation, since the group is so large the varying art styles make for a disjointed viewing.  As individual bits and pieces, they are really pretty, but when combined into a whole, it is a storytelling choice that does not work for this issue.

Some technical missteps but that does not deter from the actual story itself, a solid 4/5.


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