Thwip! Reviews – All-New Wolverine Annual #01

Summary:  We throwback to a classic Spidey/Wolvie crossover trope, brain-switching!  This time between X-23 and Gwen-Stacy!  Are you intrigued?

We weren’t…

While the concept is a classic piece of comics story-telling, with Marvel continuously recycling old ideas this issue had a lot to overcome in order for us to enjoy.  Tom Taylor no doubt puts a lot of effort into making this a fun, enjoyable one-shot issue, which is what we expect from an annual these days.  Taylor does admirably and writes a decent story, injecting humor and wacky hijinx into this slightly-longer than usual issue, but the fact that this story had to be done in a single issue really showed.  This story felt like it could have been interesting and drawn out over at least two issues, or even more, I definitely would have loved to see Laura going Animal on the drums and Gwen finally getting a hang of those pesky claws and playing with Gabby, instead it is a rush job from story point A to B to C to the finale, leaving the reader dissatisfied.

The art by Marcio Takara was perfectly serviceable and really goes well with the Marvel house style, but at some points it feels that the artist was rushed at some points with the pencils going a bit too loose as the scenes rushed along.

This felt like we could have a fun little story arc, but got rushed and the creative team were pushed to wrap it all up as quickly as possible.  A little saddened about it all, so it gets a 3/5.


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