Thwip! Reviews – Gotham Academy Annual #01

Summary:  Something (as usual) is afoot in Gotham Academy and the Detective Club is at odds as to what could it all mean.  Will they ever figure out what happened to the bell tower?

This is by far one of the best series that DC has been putting out consistently.  Branden Fletcher and Becky Cloonan have built a nice little corner of Gotham for themselves and this issue shows it.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the kids of Gotham Academy, you will feel a little lost, but it is still quite readable.  However, for those of you who know all the kids attending the Academy, this story will definitely tickle your fancy and make you wish that Halloween was here already (this had a very Halloween-esque vibe to it, despite the fact that no trick or treating happened).  What was most enjoyable to this story is that it feels like a substantial read, and spends a good amount of time with everyone, despite the fact that they are following two (somewhat) different mysteries.

For this annual issue there is a cavalcade of artists, including Adam Archer, Chris Wildgoose, Michael Dialynas, and Massyk, who put each of their distinct styles on the issue.  The problem is that some of these artists are wildly different from each other, so when the style shifts (for no reason) it jolts the reader out of the read.  Despite each artist having perfectly accomplished styles, together they do not meld together as well as some other artist collaborations we have seen over recent years (such as the first Rebirth issue).

A very satisfying read, better than both Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and The Prisoner of Azkaban (there, I said it, deal with it) though the many artists kind of drag it down a little, 4/5.


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