Thwip! Reviews – Suicide Squad: War Games #01

Summary:  The Squad are called together to hide another of America’s dirty little secrets, but can they do so without getting the whole of Europe involved?

While we here were not keen about the Suicide Squad Rebirth issue, we definitely were happy that John Ostrander that was coming back to write a story about the team that he helped to cement back in the day.

Thankfully, Ostrander still has the touch as he crafts a solid Suicide Squad story, deftly establishing their dynamics, a solid plot for them to run havoc in, and enough twists and turns that is typical of a Suicide Squad mission.  Being an annual-sized issue allowed Ostrander to spend some time with each of the Squad members and provide some great entertainment for the reader.

While the art of Gus Vazquez and Carlos Rodriguez is fine, the coloring of Harley Quinn was the most galling.  Instead of having this strange pasty-white color, she is a given a zombie-gray sheen that is distracting to the point that it gets quite distracting after a while.

Ostrander still got it, but the coloring of Harley Quinn detracts from the overall issue, a 4.5/5.



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