Thwip! Reviews – Batman #06

Summary:  Gotham Girl is finding it difficult to deal with the loss of her brother.  How does Batman deal with something that he can’t punch?

Tom King’s first arc of Batman is capped off with a heart-felt Batman story as Gotham Girl tries to come to terms with the death of her heroic brother, Gotham.  What King manages to do superbly is that he balances the humor of the very dark situation that Gotham Girl is spiraling into and provides texture to her depression.  Another element that we really enjoyed with both Batman and Detective Comics is that they are bringing a more human Batman, as well as a more humane one as well.  The final few pages which have him reaching to help out Gotham Girl tugged at the heartstrings believably, without being too over-sentimental.

Ivan Reis handles the art duties admirably, managing to mimic David Finch’s style almost seamlessly, while still giving his spin on things, so that we know that Finch isn’t around at the moment and that Reis is in charge.

Great, heartfelt issue with some great nods to the Silver Age of Batman comics.  5/5


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