Thwip! Reviews – Cyborg Rebirth #01

Summary:  So what is Cyborg like in this new Rebirth universe?  Well, we found out what makes him tick (literally) and how well he does his job…

Writer John Semper Jr. is tasked with giving us readers a rehash of Cyborg’s origin, while trying to lay out a story for those of us who get easily bored (like us here at Thwip).  The story is perfectly serviceable, but it does not tickle our fancy in making us want to read more about Cyborg and S.T.A.R. Labs.  This is because Semper unfortunately is not able to bring in a new hook to the story, instead bringing in father issues (which, to be fair, is what Cyborg has been about), but the story is a bit too much of a re-hash of stories we have seen in some form or the other.

Paul Pelletier’s art is a bit messy and is reminiscent of the style that was more common in the New 52.  This is not to knock Pelletier, but rather reinforces the idea that this issue does not feel like something for the DC Rebirth line.

A tepid issue that doesn’t engage us, 2.5/5


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