Thwip! Reviews – Everafter #01

Summary:  In a post-Fables world, how will this spin-off series fare?

Dave Justus and Matthew Sturges put together a fun romp of characters to give people a Kingsman-style adventure in the Fables-verse.  It is a bit generic action movie of a comic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t ably done.  Definitely a story that some will love and others will hate, mainly because some might feel it is kind of bland in execution, but for those who are missing Fables, it just might be the tonic.

Travis Moore’s art is perfectly fine, with everything really nicely drawn.  We are not damning with faint praise, everyone forgets that something done competently is still really good, especially with comic book artists (who we adore, seriously, artists, you guys are awesome, I can barely draw a straight line).  The thing about the art for this issue is that, it works, but I can’t say that there is a moment that makes me pause and go, “woah!”

Decent issue, but for some it might not be interesting enough.  3.5/5.


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