Thwip! Reviews – Superman #06

Summary:  The Eradicator is down to his last legs, and it’s up to Superman to clean up the mess that was left behind.

We have been a fan of Tomasi and Gleason ever since their New 52 Batman and Robin series, which in my mind was the true flagship Batman line (sorry about that Scott Snyder).  So when we heard that they were taking their fatherhood stories and giving them to Superman, we were definitely pleased.

And these guys delivered.  They take a brand new (but older) Superman, give him a son, classic Lois Lane and then strive to tell us new stories about a Super-family.  All the while giving us the same antics that make Superman…well super!  The end of this story-arc was a great round-up of everything, of the human moments of the superMan, which is good ’cause the last three issues have been balls-to-the-wall crazy over the top action.

Thanks to Tomasi and Gleason, one can feel that super-heroics and family, do mix.

This is all in no small part to Patrick Gleason’s art, which is gorgeous and fantastic.  His, for the lack of a better word, “BIG” style (the characters are drawn so clearly and are much larger than we see in other comics, mainly because of the way the panels are laid out, allowing for these giant moments) really fits in well with the story, especially with the triumphant return of *SPOILERS* Krypto.

One of the best issues of the week, we give this a resounding 5/5


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