Thwip! Reviews – Detective Comics #940

Summary:  We knew it was coming, but things happen and all of it to Tim Drake.  How will the Bat-family deal with Jacob Kane’s mission?

James Tynion IV has been building towards an amazing climax that culminates in this issue.  The best thing about James Tynion’s story is that while the tragedy was clearly telegraphed, so was hope.  There was always this great hope that Batman or Batwoman would pull off a spectacular save.  When that does not happen, the resounding grief is played up beautifully.  One other nice thing is that this story ends with a cliffhanger to possibly the entire Rebirth mystery, or if not that, at least an upcoming storyline.

Eddy Barrows does a magnificent job.  While we knocked his art a little last time by putting too many different art styles, we were right to do so.  This issue had Barrows keep to essentially a single art style and he absolutely delivers.  The emotions he conveys after the climax were beautifully poignant and sells Batman as a person who does have a “Bat-family.”

Lovely issue, we are glad that James Tynion IV is a DC exclusive, because we want to read his Detective Comics forever. 4.5/5


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