Thwip! Reviews – Doom Patrol #01

Summary:  It looks like aliens (or side-dimensional beings, take your pick) are out to commodify Danny the Street.  But Doom Patrol is on the loose!  Kind of…first they have to get together, but that doesn’t look to be as easy as it looks.

Gerard Way really loves comics.  It is especially prevalent when you read through this sugar rush of a first issue, which is a love letter to the Morrison-era of the series.  The story is all set up, which coupled with the art, makes for a very disturbing little read that so far has no meat (definitely no gyro meat for now at least).  There are throwbacks and nods and complete homages to moments in comics history, not only Doom Patrol’s, that makes for a bit of hopeful reading.  While where this is all going is not quite clear, this is definitely a strong showing for what Young Animal is going to be all about.

Nick Derington does a fantastic job cycling through various art styles while still managing to keep a central thematic style to the entire series.  There is this bright pop to his artwork which serves the plot so well that it helps to make sense of something that was dreamed up by someone on a mix of Red Bull and sugar.

Fantastic art, very hilariously convoluted story being promised, optimism is abound.  3.5/5.


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