Thwip! Reviews – Gotham Academy, Second Semester #01

Summary:  Ah, what to do when school is just about to begin and you are the only one around?  Get into trouble of course!  Unfortunately, it looks like Olive might be a bit too bored during the holiday break…

The writing crew of Brendan Fletcher, Becky Cloonan, and Karl Keschl have managed to get a great grasp of how to create an atmosphere that is both spooky and yet fun.  Having Olive trying to survive the boredom of being alone on campus (and getting into a heck of a lot of trouble with the new student) has a bit of charm that is almost indescribable.  Since this is the first issue, a lot of time was spent setting up what the rest of the story arc is going to be.  However, there are still bits of character development that will satisfy most readers.

The art by Adam Archer is great, keeping a great youthful aesthetic that does not feel out of place with the city of Gotham.  He puts a cartoonish energy to the characters while still keeping them rooted in comic book roots, which is a great pairing for a more youth-oriented series.

All in all, great return to form, but a little bit more setup than story, which is to be expected of a first issue. 4/5


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