Thwip! Reviews – Superwoman #02

Summary:  Lois is gone, Superwoman is still around (and she has got those funky electric powers to boot).  Unfortunately, so many questions still remain and this issue helps to lay them all out (but gives not answers…yet…ish…).

Phil Jimenez is crafting a really interesting story with Superwoman, laying down intrigue and mystery that is both completely bonkers (like we are seeing in Action Comics) but yet is rooted in relationships and family (like we are seeing in Superman).  Despite the sudden almost unceremonious loss of the other Superwoman, Lois Lane, the story brings more characters and layers to the story to help move it along and keep us intrigued.  As mentioned previously, one of the nice things that Jimenez does is he tries to give a bit of a real-world spin to the story.  This helps to give a different feel to the Superman-line of comics.

The art though is a bit of a hit or miss.  Since Jimenez is doing double-duty in writing and pencils, it feels he might have bitten off more than he can chew.  While his art is serviceable, there are times where it feels rushed and incomplete.  We feel that if he had another artist to support him while he focuses solely on writing duties, this comic would be even better than it already is.

An intriguing story being built, but the art is causing it to sag at the seams.  3.5/5


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