Thwip! Reviews – Hadrian’s Wall # 1

Hadrian’s Wall, the new book by Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel with art by Rod Reis, is an 80’s sci-fi, noir, murder mystery. In space. That was the unique selling proposition for me. But to be honest I wasn’t expecting much to begin with. But the dirty, lived in feel of the art and the pill popping protagonist Simon Moore related to me on some level. Plus the dialogue is snappy without being snarky and feels natural, and that’s always a big plus for me.

The story begins with the prologue of the fact that America and Russia had gone full tilt nuclear on each other in 1985 with NY and Moscow wiped off the map. Now a 100 years of peace has followed with both parties trying to colonize space in harmony. Except a new Cold War is brewing.

In the midst of this, a ship named Hadrian’s Wall is exploring new frontiers in space when a crew member dies and Simon is called on to investigate. How this relates to him and the other characters on the ship is how issue one unfolds. A bare minimum world building is done, which actually works in this case. It feels like a lived in world with tech from the 80’s. Very Blade Runner-esque.

The art is serviceable. But its simplicity gives it as feeling of rust and lived in griminess. I love how the color palette changes in flashbacks, over used trope sure, but it looks so striking with Rod’s art.

So far nothing mind blowing, but the story is interesting enough to warrant reading through the coming 7 issues.



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