Thwip! Reviews – Nightwing #05

Summary:  The second chapter of the the mini-event “The Night of the Monster Men” and we are knee-deep in monsters!  But what is a Grayson to do?

While we have not been keeping up with the comics news, it looks like Steve Orlando will be doing the main writing for the series while assisted by the original writer.  This works well for us here, since we get a level of story-telling consistency that gets lost in a lot of the events these days.  Again it seems that Tim Seeley’s direction has been taken well by Orlando who continues to craft a very high-energy story.  The one negative we must mention that this story feels less like a Nightwing story and more of just another issue of the story arc (so we could have been reading a mini-series entitled “Night of the Monster Men” instead of having to pick up the other titles to continue the story, thankfully DC has been outputting so much great work that we were picking up those titles anyway).

Roge Antonio’s is fantastic.  He has an interesting take on movement, and since they are all continuously moving his technique really shines through.  The monsters that he has coming at the Bat-family are reminiscent of the chaos that the BPRD have been having to deal with in their current (or rather, now finished) “Hell on Earth” storyline – and that is a great series to be compared to!

All in all, the event seems to be going strong, let us hope that next week’s chapters are equally solid.  4/5


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