Thwip! Reviews – Raven #01

Summary:  Raven is without the Titans (teen or otherwise) and she is out to look for herself.  Right now she seems to find herself next to her aunt and her family…who just happen to be very very religious (a bad thing considering who Raven’s father is).

Marv Wolfman has gone for an interesting story-telling choice for this Raven series, giving an Archie meets Supernatural vibe to the series.  While those two series will never meet except possibly on the CW, Wolfman has envisioned something interesting but familiar to readers of all kinds.  The cliffhanger to the series also serves well for readers to wait expectantly for the next issue.

Holy shit does Alisson Borges work her creative skills off!  The crowd scene at the school was intense!  While I am unfamiliar with her work, it seems she is grabbing this opportunity in the big time to give it all she is worth – and doing a fantastic job at it as well.  There are some personal preferences towards design that we did not care for, but that is not something that we would blame Alisson for, but rather our terrible aesthetic senses.

A really interesting issue, very hopeful about the rest of the series.  4.5/5


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