Thwip! Reviews – Trinity #1

Francis Manapul, best known for relaunching Flash during the now failed New 52 reboot, is at the helm of Trinity #1 as both writer and artist. Trinity, in and of itself, highlights something that is rare nowadays in comics, sticking to a principle. Looking at Marvel here, comics today feels like a cash grab, a gimmick riding on the back of event comics that have no real consequences. Rebirth is a roadmap for the future of DC Comics, and Rebirth is upping the stakes on Rebirth. To cut through my digression, Rebirth drips with hope. Which is such a stark contrast from what DC is doing in their movies that it is actually quite amusing. After seeing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman duke it out in the recent BvS, them sitting around in a farm house and having dinner is the best direction this meeting in the post rebirth universe could have taken.

Manapul is primarily an artist but in a clever twist, the narrative device he has chosen here is one of the outsider looking into the world of these gods. Lois Lane. I love how DC has chosen to focus Lois and Clark more as parents than as career oriented people – Clark as Superman and Lois as a reporter. And that comes to the forefront. Lois understands that they are outsiders and they need friends. Who better to have your back than The Dark Knight and The Amazon? And using Jon as a discussion topic, Manapul has effectively shown the difference between New 52 and “old” DC. Its quite clever and tongue in cheek really. Bruce is wary about Clark as is Clark about Bruce. And how the old and new come together, while clunky at times, is done quite beautifully at the end.

The art is bombastic and serene at points. Manapul really pulled out all the stops. There are three pages, set up with panels specific to our three heroes, that is frankly, quite amazing. The colors are muted without being hard on the eyes and the palette is warm and fuzzy.

Trinity is Rebirth captured in a book. Its a testament to what is making DC great again.



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