Thwip! Reviews – Superman #07

Summary:  After all the shenanigans with the Eradicator and the moon and Mom-Bat, Clark and family decide to take some time off and enjoy a little bit of country community building.

With this seventh issue of the series, Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have sold me on Superman as a family man.  This version of Clark trying to create a life while balancing being a superhero is such a refreshing change from…well, whatever that New 52 Superman was.  This story is a bit of a breather issue, one that was sorely needed after the Eradicator arc that we had just come with, and it was so fantastically done that it makes us want to read more issues of Clark trying to get used to his new life and home.  There is such charm and vivacity to the interactions that now Superman feels like an actual person, rather than some paragon of virtue and blandness.  The humor that the writing duo manage to infuse in this issue is pitch-perfect, not being too hokey, but completely wholesome and tone appropriate for Superman.

This is all supplemented and even enhanced by the art by Jorge Jimenez who manages to imbue the scenes with a myriad of emotions.  The childlike enthusiasm of Jon, the matronly/wifely half-sternness of Lois, the…”Superman”-ness of Clark, all shine through making the reader feel like joining the family at the fair.  Honestly, there cannot be nicer things to be said about Jimenez’s aesthetics for this issue.

The only way this issue could have been better is if Krypto had joined them, but that might have been a little weird, nonetheless this issue still gets a fantastic 5/5


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