Thwip! Reviews – Blue Beetle #01

Alright, it feels like it has been forever and a day since we last saw the bickering odd couple that is Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes, so I was a little wibbly-wobbly on what was going on.

Though I am sure I remember being entertained by the Rebirth issue.

This first issue of the continuing series of Blue Beetle was really quite good.  It had this vibe of the Milestone Static series that had been sorely missing from the DC Universe.  So let’s first talk about the good of the issue.  Ted Kord is a nice bubbly sort of enthusiasm, while Jaimie Reyes is a fun grump of a teenager who is burdened with more responsibility than he wants.  I can’t wait for him to get into the swing of things, but until then he is saddled with some good friends who help move the story along (seriously, the way Jaimie wants to be, he would probably just be going to school and then home…nerd!…).  Keith Giffen and Scott Kollins have managed to nail some nice voices for each the characters and not only are they interesting and memorable, but they are also realistic (though considering I am way past my teens, maybe I might not be the best judge about that).  This first issue was of course setting up the rest of the arc, but it does not spend too much time to pointedly establish elements.  Instead the story seems to flow along organically and managed to hook me along.

Now for the bad, while I said that the story did not spend much time setting up what was going to happen, it feels like maybe it just might be a taaaaaad too obtuse for a first issue.  If this was someone’s actual first issue (as in they didn’t read the Rebirth issue) they would definitely feel a little confused.  However, the feeling is less being lost at sea and more being lost in a small pond – you know things will be explained and you just have to be patient about it.

Scott Kollins’s art brings a nice cartoonish vibe to it, making it feel like these are potential storyboards for an animated series (which, yes, please, this current version of Blue Beetle easily lends itself to a good solid Cartoon Network show).  I am no expert in art, so always take my criticisms with a grain of salt, but some of the lines felt a bit sloppy, though at least at key areas the art stays nice and clear.  Maybe Kollins might have been rushed and so had to skimp on a panel or two (the “bad” moments aren’t that many, so you kind of forgive it) but as an overall piece, the art was really good.

Enjoyed the issue, this is a nice “breather” series, in compared to Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, which have their light moments as well, but those series are not built on being light-hearted.

We give it a hearty 4/5.



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