Thwip! Reviews – Detective Comics #941

So this is the third chapter of the “Night of the Monster Men” and as I get progressively further and further into the story…I get excited about the fact that Steve Orlando being the upcoming writer of JLA.

The best thing that this Bat-event that is “Night of the Monster Men” is that it feels like a superhero story.  Not a “Batman” story, but a story about what defines a hero and how to save a city in crisis.  Now not to knock Scott Snyder, but whenever his stories became more involved, such as “Night of Owls” or “Endgame”, they didn’t feel cohesive, especially when it came to the other characters who were meant to be involved.  This time, DC and the Batman editorial, did a great job of having the writers plot (for instance, James Tynion IV helps to plot the story), but they have a single writer who writes the issues consistently (that is, Steve Orlando).  Thus the tone stays consistent and everything works from chapter to chapter.

So let’s talk about this latest chapter of the event.  Orlando manages to do some great work in weaving back and forth between three major points – Spoiler/Orphan, Nightwing/Gotham Girl, and Batwoman (accompanied by Batman).

Little side-note: I miss Damian

Anyways, so Orlando is weaving back and forth between each of the characters’ respective messes and they are all really distinctive.  Batwoman has a great military discipline to the way she talks, Nightwing is a seasoned veteran, Gotham Girl (or GG as we like to call her at Thwip! HQ) is suitably a recovering unhinged lunatic, and Spoiler/Orphan are rookies who have no idea what to do.  Even Clayface gets his moments, which is interesting because when it was first announced that Clayface was going to be a regular on Detective Comics, no one was really quite sure how it was going to work.  Now, I can’t wait for them to give the spotlight to the Clay man.

There was nothing really bad in this issue, it is the middle of a longer story, and so it works like that.  Really great/fun/over-the-top cliffhanger ending that is making me annoyed that we don’t get a new chapter until October 14th!

The art by Andy Macdonald is fantastic.  Very comparable to the artist who did the first chapter of this event in Batman #7 (I am going to admit to being too lazy to look up who he is, forgiveness all around please).  The monster designs that are being implemented are so gorgeous (though I am going to admit, I still don’t understand how Hugo Strange has done all this…and why he went for literal monsters) and makes me sad that we are never going to see another collaboration of Hellboy and Batman ever again (for now…).

Solid issue, the only knock against it is that it is in the middle of the story, so it is all transitionary and it feels that way.



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