Thwip! Reviews – Teen Titans Rebirth #01

If you read our review for this week’s Detective Comics, I noted that I missed Damian…and lo and behold, that smug bastard is back!

Let’s talk about the issue shall we?

Since this is a Rebirth issue, that means we get to set up the new status quo of the new members of the Teen Titans.  Ben Percy and Jonboy Meyers do a pretty good job of establishing who these new Teen Titans are (they really are quite different from what I remember…to be fair though I am more familiar with the Perez version from back in the day).  The motivations behind Wally West (N52 version…I guess?) and Beast Boy were the most telling, giving depth to these two that had been sorely lacking before.  The creative team also managed to make Starfire both phenomenally gorgeous (which she is), but not slutty (thankfully, we have enough slutty characters directed towards teens already), and an actual character in her own right.

Damian is in this too…but we can’t really talk about him, ’cause *SPOILERS*

Since it seems that both Ben Percy and Jonboy Meyers are responsible for the art as well (or, as it has been termed “visuals”) they get to share the kudos.  That’s because the art was really nice, poppy, and fun.  If this level of quality maintains for the story arc (and beyond) Teen Titans will be back on my regular rotation of reading.

Despite the fact that it is a pretty basic Rebirth issue, it was a necessary one to help us understand who are these new Teen Titans.



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