Thwip!’s TV Reviews – Supergirl S02E01 is Up, Up and Away!

Up, up and away!

Finding a new home in CW to join Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl was off to a familiar start. Its still the brightly colored, cheery, goofy and corny show it was on CBS. And it still carries the same female empowerment messages as it did on season 1. And thats not a bad thing. Particularly when compared to the grim dark and oh so serious that it hurts vibe that DCEU carries with it.

In fact I would go so far as to say its the most comic book-y show on TV at the moment. It feels like reading an old school golden age comic book with villains with their outlandish plans and heroes with their bright, colorful outfits smiling while they save the day. Its a TV show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And I love that.

Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) is the zeitgeist of the golden age Superman. He smiles. He winks. He flies. He says lickety split. And he is a klutz. He is my favorite current iteration of Superman in any form. I just loved his take on Superman and how he embodied that character. There was one point I thought he might take a selfie with a family he just saved. And thats kinda awesome. The charm, the farm boy sheepishness, the always smiling Clark. I absolutely love this guy. MORE OF HIM PLEASE!

The show lets us know through some exposition that Lex is in prison and we get Lena Luthor, his adopted sister. Katie McGrath (Merlin) is the new “villain” thats introduced along with *SPOILER* Metallo and CADMUS at the end. Lena Luthor is trying to save her company by renaming it – essentially distancing herself and the company from the Luthor name and Lex has hired an assassin to kill her. Grand master criminal planning, this is not.

Melissa Benoist is serviceable with her Supergirl/Kara shtick and the rest of the cast is passable as well. There is a sense of character development for Kara, which I heartily welcome. Through most of season one she was an one note character. Her figuring out her place in the world is something I would be interested in seeing.

We see another “Kryptonian” arrive on Earth. (Fingers crossed its Mon El). The CGI is still TV budget, but you can see ambition and I am ok with it. I am aware of the limitations and the ambition is not to the show’s detriment. VFX to show abilities of one Kryptonian is hard enough, this has two. Couple that with the reduced budget, its actually damn good VFX.

Overall, its the same old Supergirl. If you didn’t like it before you probably won’t like it now. But I urge you to give it one shot just for Superman. I did. And I am glad I did.

Rating : 8/10


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