Thwip! Retro Tuesday Reviews – Private Eye

When this superstar team of Brian K. Vaughan and artist Marcos Martin said that they were going to release a comic online that will be pay-as-you-want (and that zero dollars was an option) and all of that was DRM-free, comic geeks everywhere collectively collapsed.

Never did anyone worry if the product was going to be no good.

That stands to reason, since BKV (as we like to affectionately call him) is a well-established writer whose Saga series turns everyone’s heads and Marcos Martin is a gorgeous artist at any given moment of time.  Then they teamed up together to write a story about the future…a future where everyone tries hard to maintain secrecy since all their data was collectively dumped thanks to an incident.

This leads us to find an unlicensed journalist, a “papparazzo”, who ends up in a twisted plot that takes us up and around this new society.

This ten-issue series is a well-crafted tale that keeps the readers on tenterhooks as our intrepid journalist falls deeper and deeper into a plot that he really was not looking forward to.

While this may seem like it is damning with faint praise, the series reads like a good summer thriller.  But really, not everything we read needs to be “super-serious, super-heavy, super-intellectual,” and BKV shows why we should take the time to enjoy just a great thrill-ride.


Then we have Marcos Martin, who is colored by Muntsa Vicente and they bring such a vibrancy to the story which fits the tone nicely.  This is a beautiful book, and the landscape format of the series is such a refreshing way to view comics.

Go read this book, you will thank us for it.

Thwip On dear readers!


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