Thwip!’s TV Reviews – Agents of SHIELD S04E03 goes dark.

In the third episode of the fourth season of Agents of SHIELD, the Inhuman threat manifests itself in a way that frankly, no one saw coming. We find out that the Inhuman Resistance League is causing blackouts all over the world in order to nullify the Sokovia Accords. Later, it is revealed that it was infact the work of the Watchdogs – the anti Inhuman terrorist organisation – who are taking down Inhumans around the world using a list. A list that matches the SHIELD database of registered Inhumans under the Sokovia accords. The show also lets us on to the fact as to how the Marvel universe is working after the events of Civil War. For instance, we know any country having signed the Sokovia Accords can receive all the information about all registered powered individuals. The implication being Steve Rogers was probably right.

The ghosts from last episode didn’t come back. May is taken to see Holden Radcliffe by Simmons. After some standard MCU hologram display jiggery pokery we know May is dying of fear. So Holden ingeniously suggests that they reboot May, by stopping her heart. So they do. And as they are about to zap her back to life – like the Evanescence song – there is you guessed it, a black out. *Roll eyes emoticon* Holden, uses the power source he has on Ava, a clean energy source magnetically shielded (wasn’t Tony Stark working on clean energy as well?) to jumpstart May back up. Who, get this, immediately goes back to being cranky and well, herself. No lasting effects there then. A brief appearance by Ava here too.

Daisy and Robbie, start to get along and here we get the slower moments of the show. Both contemplating each other’s lives and how they can beat their demons. Dialogue really has never been the show’s strong suit but both Luna and Bennet do their best with what they are given. We find out Daisy’s hand is a mess by overusing her powers and we find out that Robbie’s brother is a manipulative little bastard. Although to be fair, he is only looking out for his brother.

Yo-Yo is in this episode too, she was celebrating her friend’s bachelorette party when she was targeted by the Watchdogs using the Sokovia list fed to them by Senator Rota Nadeer (Parminder Nagra). She had been spewing anti Inhuman speech all through the episode on TV. By the end of the episode we see a creepy scene of someone stuck in Terragenesis in the house where the Senator is and his mail being piled up. Guessing thats the reason she is pissed and is either facilitating or outright funding the Watchdogs.  I am liking this deeper implications of the Accords from the MCU.

SHIELD is back. The Director lets the world know they are doing the gritty reboot version of SHIELD and they are here to protect the people. I wonder if that plays back into the movies now.

Is this is a better season than the last one? We haven’t seen enough to base that opinion yet. With the Ghost Rider and the ghosts plus the Watch Dogs with Senator Rota, it feels like the threats are widespread yet not compelling or dangerous enough. Right now, it almost feels like a routine thing to do. To updates of the story, not a compelling or gripping hour of TV.

Rating : 6.5/10

Last thoughts, the scene involving Yo-Yo taking out all the guns in that one scene where SHIELD takes out the guys guarding the EMP is actually almost as good as anything Quicksilver did in AoU.


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